Land Rover pre MOT inspection.

Roean is not an MOT testing station but we can find and report
any fault or problem giving you time to get it sorted.


From our workshop in Wrockwardine Telford we are able to pre-inspect your vehicle for MOT as yet we are not a registered and approved MOT testing station. You can be assured that we will pay the closest attention to detail for your Land Rover or 4×4 vehicle. As part of the pre-MOT inspection, we can give you a detailed breakdown of any fault or possible problem that there might be with you car before the full MOT is carried out.


Series 1-3
All Defender
All Freelander
All Discovery
All Range Rover

We are trained and qualified to put right any defect that the MOT inspection may discover so you can be assured that when your vehicle passes it has passed with the thoroughest of checks.

Not just Land Rover or 4×4′s we can MOT all cars

We can MOT pre-inspect any make of car, so even if your second car isn’t a Land Rover or 4×4 you can bring it to Roean and get our first class service and expertise for that car too.