When your Land Rover or 4×4 needs servicing there is
no need to go back to the main dealer.

The Roean mechanics are just as qualified as the dealer technicians
and very often we can do the job cheaper.


We have expertise and experience in


Range Rover
Range Rover Evoque

  • Routine servicing
  • Pre MOT checks
  • MOT failure and repairs
  • Engine rebuilds
  • Gearbox and clutch replacement
  • Welding
  • Body fabrication
  • Crypton tuning
  • Air conditioning servicing
  • Autologic Diagnostics
  • T4 Testbook Diagnostics


Roean can repair or upgrade your 4×4

Even though we are called Roean Land Rover Services we do more than just service Land Rover.

We are able to work on all makes of off road and 4×4 vehicles so no matter what type of off roader you may have we can service, repair and supply parts for it. Roean have the experience of over 20 years working on 4×4 cars and so we can give you informed advice about your car and what parts or accessories will suit you. And of course all this is done with an eye on quality and affordability. We won’t recommend anything that’s too expensive or surplus to your needs.

We have workshops in Telford dedicated to Land Rover and 4×4’s

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“I started taking my Landrover Discovery to Roean because I wanted to save money but still get that ‘dealership’ experience.”

Landrover Discovery TD5
Owner – Telford

“I had a water leak problem that the dealership couldn’t fix. Roean sorted the issue at a very reasonable rate.”

Owner – Wellington